CULINARY CLAY: Where Food Meets Plate April 30-May 13, 2017 with Hillary Kane

CULINARY CLAY: Food Meets Plate
with Hillary Kane (and some of Ubud’s famous chefs)
April 30- May 13, 2017

30 April: Sunday evening (6pm)       Welcome Dinner        MOKSA restaurant

A sumptuous evening in which to sink our teeth into not only the extraordinary culinary genius of Chef Madé Runatha, but also the concept, framework, and assignment at hand for the ensuing two full weeks.  Hillary will set the stage, sharing imagery and ideas to get the juices flowing.  Chef Madé will set the menu that will keep mouths watering until the last supper…

1 May: Monday         (a few) Inspiring Reference Materials                       Gaya CAD

A morning introduction to Gaya CAC studio settling in and getting hands into clay.  Demonstrations may include basics on throwing bowls, plates, repetitive shapes, etc.

Lunch (family-style, catered by Dayu)

The afternoon spent touring through Gaya Ceramic and Design’s production studio and archives of over 30,000 production samples (and countless other trial pieces), with a special session on selecting a look, constructing a setting, innovation and practicality, with GCAD’s brilliant creative director, Michela Foppiani.  (Showcasing: Janice Wong collection, Ritz Hong Kong, Maldives project, and/or other singular examples in the GCAD collection…)

2 May: Tuesday                     Natural Containers                            Gaya CAC

Beginning with a look into the local vernacular: Jajan, banten, woven boxes, offering pedestals, banana leaf bungkus… Taking a lead from the richness of natural disposable samples still used here in Bali, we will study a wide variety of examples, looking for design ideas and local inspiration. 
(Showcasing: Bali baskets, Poleng pedestals, Gelato bowls, big banana leaf trays, lily pad platters, Megumi Naitoh, Neil Hoffman…)

Demonstrations: stretching textured slabs, folding and assembling slab forms, two part throwing…

Lunch at the studio, “bunkus” style (catered by Dayu)

3 May: Wednesday               Spice from the Spice Islands    WARUNG MENDEZ

Morning: open studio time

12-2:00  Think bumbu (spice paste), iconic spice blends and individual raw ingredients.  We’ll get to know the essential ulek (mortar and pestle) and a burst of the magical flavors from the archipelago with talented local Chef Mendez.  There will be a cooking preparation demo and sumptuous lunch with the chef at his titular restaurant, Warung Mendez.

Demonstrations in the studio: double-walled bowls, throwing off the hump, fascination with faceting, other on-the-wheel textures…

4 May: Thursday                  Paon: the Kitchen                              Bambu Indah

9-11am  Open studio time.  Demonstrations tbd.

11am-2pm  No consideration of “Culinary Clay” could entirely leave out a consideration of the space in which the food is prepared—thus we have selected one of the most simultaneously traditional, contemporary and beautiful kitchens we’ve ever come across for a tour, and of course, a delicious meal.  Bambu Indah (“Beautiful Bamboo”) takes it’s name seriously and offers contemporary elegance to everything in the realm of Bali’s traditions.

2-5pm  Continued studio time.

5 May: Friday                        Sumptuous Surfaces                          Gaya CAC

8-9am Early morning stroll from the studio, through the rice fields and into the permaculture gardens of Moksa restaurant: description and discussion of traditional Subak culture, lore, nature and nuance, the development and contagion of “permaculture” concepts—all to serve us as inspiration for a full spectrum study of surfaces.   The tour will be led by Moksa’s co-owner/founder, Janur Yasa (also Hillary’s husband).

Morning: Surface demonstrations:  including rice hull slip, sgrafitto, carved surfaces, water etching, brush work (other wet to bone dry possibilities)…

Lunch: GCAC, family style catered by Dayu.

Afternoon: Open studio making.

6 May: Saturday                   Just Desserts                                       Will Goldfarb

Morning spent concluding pre-bisque pieces.  Notes on trimming: foot, foots, no foot, feet; variety of tools.  Notes on assembling: slips that won’t slip, wrapping portions for even drying, lid fit, knobs…

Lunch: GCAC, family style catered by Dayu.

3:30-5:30pm A talk with world renown dessert chef, Will Goldfarb, about his unique choice of serving vessels for each of his equally unique sweet creations and the process of working out his ideas in clay (with Michela Foppiani of Gaya CAD).  His take on “From food to plate or plate to food?”  The response his choice of plates has had from clientele, his future ideas, and any suggestions for us makers… 
Desserts in time for tea.


 7 May: Sunday                     A DAY OF LEISURE

8 May: Monday                     The Fabric of Glaze                           Tarum Batik studio

Pattern, color, wax resist, layering, complexity vs. simplicity: choices! 
A morning visit to all natural indigo and plant dye batik studio will leave us saturated with most probably too many new design and color ideas…

Lunch: GCAC, family style catered by Dayu.

Afternoon: In-depth glazing demonstrations: tips for successful surfaces (esp. with our glazes), dipping, pouring, spraying, gradients, resists, pencils, over glaze marks, distressing surfaces, brush work, stilting, bare clay (burnished, polished…)

9 May: Tuesday                    Glaze Days                                          GCAC

All day focus on getting our pieces touched to their last perfection before sending them off to the kiln Gods.

Lunch: GCAC, family style catered by Dayu.


10 May: Wednesday             A Village in Bali                                 Jangkahan Village

10am departure:  A day of cooking, culture, and collaboration, Bali-style.  An opportunity to really look outside the tourist guide book as we are welcomed to the traditional village home of Hillary’s Balinese husband, Janur Yasa.   Janur’s mother and sister will guide us in the preparation and presentation of several of Bali’s celebratory and delicious dishes.  Bring your appetite!


11 May: Thursday                Sweet Memories                                 GAYA GELATO


12pm Lunch: GCAC, family style catered by Dayu.
2pm: Dessert bowl display and Gaya Gelato Dégustation!

Afternoon: Unloading with baited breath.  Time to take care of any post-firing attention to details needed.  Packing selected wares for the dinner showcase.

12 May: Friday                      Manifested Meal                                 MOKSA

Morning: Optional attendance to some of Ubud Food Festival’s morning/afternoon activities or free time until evening.          

6pm:  An evening on show: the culmination of our creative act!  Public viewing and private dinner on our wares at MOKSA restaurant.

13 May: Saturday                 Concluding Discussion                      GCAC

10am:  A final group gathering to sum up the experience; packing of treasures; a last early lunch together.  Finish by 1pm.

*Schedule details may vary in final iteration…
*by Gaya CAC Staff

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