BIRTHING BIG POTS: Creating Big Magic (a women's retreat) with Hillary Kane Oct 29 - Nov 11, 2017

BIRTHING BIG POTS: Creating Big Magic
(a women's retreat)
with Hillary Kane
October 29–November 11, 2017

Engage in a dynamic exploration of creativity, daring, and the art of finding one’s center in a two-week immersion combining skill-building in clay with a genuine deeper look within. While focusing on throwing and building vessels of substantial scale through a variety of techniques, participants will equally concentrate on the mental and physical relationship of clay work to whole-body awareness through daily practice of yoga and meditation, journaling and discussion, as well as excursioning into the feminine heart of Bali. Together we will ply the depths of the metaphor of the vessel and bringing forth creation. Channeling our creative voices and empowering our individual sense of capability, we will access our own bodies and hearts through the clay body in a truly transformational journey. This creative form of personal and spiritual growth engenders insight, and offers us new approaches to balancing our external life choices.

29 October, Sunday                          Welcome Dinner                                MOKSA restaurant

A sumptuous meal, a moment to ponder all the reasons we each find ourselves at this table together, a lighting of the candle of inspiration, courage, and dynamism for the two weeks to come!  Our exploration has been informed and organized around the Balinese tenet Tat Twam Asi, which roughly translates as “That Thou Art: you are a reflection of me” as well as the five elements as they are known here in Bali: Apah (water), Bayu (air), Teja (fire), Pertiwi (earth), Akasa (ether).  Both of these philosophies we will use to guide us in this tactile exploration of the ephemeral, eternal, elemental construct of Self and it’s tangible metaphor in pot-building.  Each day will be guided by a concept and a technique.

30 October, Monday             Bwana Alit--Bwana Agung (Micro to Macro)

A temple visit to Pura Campuan.
Balinese concept of our bodies as the microcosm, the universe as the macro—everything in intimate relation and reflection of the other. 
Meditation, Pranayama and journaling.

STUDIO—introducing the technical—working the technique small and increasing to large

31 October, Tuesday             Pertiwi: EARTH—deliberating the medium
Morning yoga, meditation; journaling
Technique: Throwing in pieces, assembling

1 November, Wednesday
Women’s circle—a directed discussion
Technique: Throwing in pieces, assembling (continued)

2 November, Thursday                     Bayu: AIR—the space within
Morning pranayama focus; journaling
Technique: Throwing and coiling
Javanese throwers, traditional giant pot builders—visit and see coiling plus paddle and anvil technique

3 November, Friday             
Morning yoga, meditation; journaling
Technique: Throwing and coiling (continued)
An introduction to Somatics (the wisdom of the body)

4 November, Saturday                      Apah: WATER—the river journey
Technique: paddle and anvil
Afternoon visit to one of Bali’s High priestesses for a water blessing, open forum discussion with priestess

5 November, Sunday   

6 November, Monday
Early morning water temple: bathing, blessing, clarifying
Technique: Beginning form upside down, then throw and coil

7 November, Tuesday                       Teja: FIRE—the creative collaboration
Morning energizing yoga; journaling
Technique: Beginning form upside down, then throw and coil (continued)
Evening: Agni Hotra (fire ceremony)

8 November, Wednesday
Morning energizing pranayama; journaling
Technique: Hand-building fast-coiling technique

9 November, Thursday
Morning meditation—calling in inspiration
Technique: micro to macro using a maquette to guide creation of large sculptural forms

10 November, Friday                        Akasa: ETHER—the intangible charged and vibrant atmosphere
Technique: combining possibilities of approach
Tibetan Bowls—led meditiation (Pura Pasar Agung)

11 November, Saturday                   
River ceremony—“aarti”—the art of Letting Go

** This is a general outline of our workshop/retreat schedule—subject to change before final rendition.

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