OPENING to the FIRE: Approaching the Anagama Anew with Jeff Shapiro || August 13-27, 2017

OPENING to the FIRE: Approaching the Anagama Anew
with Jeff Shapiro
August 13–27, 2017

Jeff Shapiro, who lived and studied in Japan for 9 years, will introduce his work through images and stories from Japan.  He will also explain the daily schedule for the 2 week workshop. Equal weight will be given to the making and then the loading/.firing processes. There are a number of techniques that can be utilized even once the work is in the kiln and being fired, to alter the firing results.
Jeff has taught many workshops around the world including: Italy, Japan, Korea, France, Switzerland, England, and many other countries. He led a workshop in India at Golden Bridge Pottery where he used mock-loading and mock-firing as techniques out of necessity, as there was a huge typhoon that came through the pottery a week before the workshop was scheduled and the kiln could not be fired. Actually it has become a great teaching tool. Thus, he will show participants ways of firing with the use of long-handled shovels and pokers to control certain areas of the kiln before the actual lighting. Also, Jeff realized that often people were hesitant, or conversely rushed in stoking the hot kiln. By mock-firing prior to the real firing Jeff can see where the mistakes are and correct them. There are many subtleties to putting wood into the kiln.

Sunday, August 13                   Welcome Dinner                                          GCAC/MOKSA
5pm: We will meet for a brief orientation at the studio before going to an exquisite meal set upon anagama-fired ware at the restaurant of director Hillary Kanes husband. A relaxed evening in which participants can get to know one another and share their stories and intentions for being here. We may also have a short discussion and presentation on food/vessel presentation, as well as a slide talk by Jeff.
Monday, August 14                  Introduction to Story-telling                                GCAC
A morning of introduction: to the studio in general and into the Gaya anagama specifically. We will orient the outset of our own making by exploring a variety of finished Gayagama works, paying particular attention to the many important variables, including positioning in the kiln, clay bodies, slips, tumble stacking and decorative use of wadding and shell markings. Clay demos including foot wedging and rough wedging a technique to combine various clays and additional materials together in a short time will be part of the morning experience. Prepare to roll up your trousers!!  
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
In the afternoon, Jeff will then demonstrate his technique for stretching slabs and texturing surfaces and preparing slabs for building into vessel or sculptural forms. Jeff has also become somewhat of a story-teller and these insightful stories are a part of the experience of this workshop. 
Tuesday, August 15                Clay and Tools                                            GCAC
 We will discuss the different clays we will now have available and what participants would like to get from the firing (light clay, iron rich clay, crusty surfaces, drier surfaces etc.there will be 7-8 bodies to choose from).
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
Next, Jeff will show how to make very simple wooden scraping tools.  Then we begin the process of forming by stretching slabs. Jeff will make work as an ongoing example of the process in all its stages, but he will also work with participants on their projects on an as need basis.
Wednesday, August 16                          Forming and Looking Ahead                              GCAC
 The whole day will be dedicated to continuation of forming, and a more detailed presentation (through images) of loading and firing techniques.
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
Morning activities continued

Thursday, August 17                               Slabs                                  GCAC
The whole day will be dedicated to continued work in developing the construction of slab vessels, and other personal projects.
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
Morning activities continued
Friday, August 18                      A Final Moment of Making                                                 GCAC
A full day of making, and perhaps starting to slip work.
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
(A small bisque-kiln loaded for any works later requiring glazing)
Saturday, August 19               Last Touches/Mock Loading                         GCAC
morning: Participants finish last touches of slip application, surface decoration, or glazing of select items.  Works are then left to further dry before loading begins.
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
afternoon:  a close look at the loading and firing process via mock-loading and mock-firing with metal tools that will have been made particularly for this workshop. Loading preparation and discussion about all aspects of the process including short personal critiques of participants work if so desired. Participants are encouraged to bring images (good images) of their work for discussion, or to have particular topics that can be addressed as a round table amongst all of us.
Sunday, August 20                                   FREE DAY                                                             anywhere Bali
6pm Evening: FIRE Ceremony and wood-fired pizzas Kasa Kaneyasa
Enjoy a stimulating, cleansing Puja (Hindu fire-ceremony) at the home of director, Hillary Kane. Followed by a fitting evening of stoking the wood-fired pizza-oven. Pizza-making participation required!
Monday, August 21                  Loading the Dragon                 GCAC
Working in shifts, we begin the slow and particular process of loading the Gayagama. Everyone will have an opportunity to assist in preparing various types wadding, placing works, judging flame flow, and engaging in kiln yoga!
(Interim possibility: continued making of wooden tools...)
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
Morning activities continued
Tuesday, August 22                Continue and Conclude Loading                    GCAC
At this time there will be a session for topical discussion.
evening: Lighting Ceremony GCAC
Candling begins along with first all-night firing shift.             
Wednesday, August 23          FIRING                                           GCAC
Low-mid range temperatures. Participants rotate on predetermined 6-hr. shifts through day and night. Transport and meals will be organized accordingly.
Thursday, August 24               FIRING                                           GCAC
Sustained high temperatures, working back side stoke ports, (**salt/soda introduction- possible), final peak temperature and determined cooling approach.            
evening: Ending in a pizza-making in the residual heat pizza oven! 
Friday, August 25                      R&R FREE DAY               
Saturday,  August 26              EXCURSION (TBD) 
Sunday, August 27                                   Unloading and Finishing                                        GCAC
morning: A slow and considered unload (this is when we have everything to learn!)
Lunch: family style in the GCAC mezzanine
afternoon: discussing and implementing a variety of post-firing clean-up and finishing techniques.  A concluding discussion of the entire experience. Then packing works to go (packing materials provided).
***In order to encourage thoughtful making in the allotted studio time, there is a suggestion that participants bring 3-5 bisqued pots to add to the overall anagama loading.  
**Details of schedule may be subject to change, but overall content will remain constant.

Finding Beauty in Imperfection with AKIRA SATAKE April 9-22, 2017

with Akira Satake
April 9-22, 2017

Sharing the secrets employed in many of his most well-known and admired works Japanese potter/artist/musician Akira Satake will lead a hands on workshop involving both the hand-building and throwing techniques he uses in the making of his tea ceremony bowls, tea pots, water jars, ikebana vases and sculptural objects. Participants will learn to create rich surfaces inspired by the natural world and will experience brushing kohiki slip on clay slabs and stretching the slabs to crack and distort the surfaces, applying a coating of clay mixed with sand onto the surface of wheel thrown pieces and then altering them, and mixing air and other materials into the clay body and then tearing off the clay and/or cutting with a wire to create shapes-- among a myriad of other techniques.
Akira will likewise share his deep experience and knowledge in an on-going discussion of the Japanese aesthetic throughout the two weeks together. Participants will gain insight in finding the beauty in imperfection, the meaning of "wabi-sabi", and the importance of "ma" -- the space in between.

9 April: Sunday                     Welcome Dinner                                 MOKSA Restaurant
6-9pm: While enjoying an exquisite meal set upon anagama-fired wares at the restaurant of director Hillary Kane’s husband, participants will share a relaxed evening in which we can get to know one another and share our stories and intentions for being here. 

Dessert will be served with a slideshow given by Akira Satake, presenting his works, his story, and his journey in all things creative, followed by a review of the workshop schedule and a general fanning of the fires of enthusiasm! 

10 April: Monday                   Slip and Wire                                    Gaya CAC   
Morning: A welcome and introduction to GCAC studio, and then immediately jumping into action! 
Demonstration 1 - Make slabs and mix and apply kohiki slip for Satake-style stretched kohiki. Make mortar for Satake style sandy soft clay surface.
Demonstration 2 - Wire cutting, stretching and tearing chunks of clay to build sculptural pieces.
12:30 Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: Open studio time, with plenty of personal tutorial and support from Akira.

11 April: Tuesday                 Slabs and Wheel                               Gaya CAC
Demonstration 1 - Stretch kohiki slabs and shape the pieces (hand build Satake-style stretched kohiki). 
Demonstration 2 - Make yunomi, guinomi and chawan on wheel or hand building, using the technique of applying a soft clay and sand mixture to the surfaces of the pieces. Also make yunomi and bowls for traditional kohiki style glazing.
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Open studio time.

12 April: Wednesday             Dipping and Pouring, ++                               Gaya CAC 
Demonstration 1 - Using kohiki slip, dipping and pouring on leather hard pots (traditional kohiki style).
Demonstration 2 - Make more stretched kohiki pieces, such as tea pots and sculptural works.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Open studio time.
13 April: Thursday                More Kohiki, More Magic                             Gaya CAC   

Demonstration - More with stretched kohiki, mortar surface and wire cutting sculptural pieces.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Open studio time.

14 April: Friday                                                                                 Gaya CAC
Open studio time.  Making forms
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: continue making

15 April: Saturday                            Finishing Forms                                  Gaya CAC
Open studio time.  Final day of making forms that will be fired during the workshop
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: Loading bisque kiln –all works (load by participants) 

16 April: Sunday                                           FREE DAY             Gaya CAC
Bisque firing. *

17 April: Monday                               Staining and Glazing                        Gaya CAC
Unload bisque firing. 
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Glazing, staining /preparation for loading
Tour Gaya CAD
7.00 pm Pizza Party – Banjo – at Hillary’s House
18 April: Tuesday                             Loading                                              Gaya CAC
Loading for both Soda and Hikidashi / Kohiki firing
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Continue loading
19 April: Wednesday                         Firing                                      Gaya CAC
Firing soda kiln and Hikidashi
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Finish firing by late afternoon

20 April: Thursday                            EXCURSION DAY        
A day of exploration while the pots are cooling. 

21 April: Friday                     Results and Ikebana                          Gaya CAC
Unload gas firing and discuss the results in detail. Participants will collate and share all test clay body results.  
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Demonstration - Ikebana (Ikenobo school style)

22 April: Saturday                Concluding Thoughts                       Gaya CAC  
In-house “exhibition” and final group discussion of the entire two-week experience.
Packing works (bubble wrap and boxes will be provided
Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Departure by 2pm.

*Our staff will be responsible on these tasks.