May 24- June 6, 2015 | Demystifying Form: Clay Play and the Teapot

Fong Choo "master of teapots, charismatic clay coach, and a terrific amount of fun"

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SPIRIT OF FIRE: Soul of the Anagama (trailer)

As our next anagama workshop approaches, here is a time-lapse glimpse into firing and unloading...
Come and be a part of the next team of fire-loving community!

Video by Paul Shirley

April 5-18, 2015 | SPIRIT OF FIRE: Soul of the Anagama with GYAN WALL & HILLARY KANE

April 5 - 18, 2015
Delighting in the element of serendipity and spontaneous beauty, this workshop will explore the natural glaze effects of atmospheric wood-firing in Gaya Ceramic Arts Center’s anagama (a small Japanese-style wood-fired kiln). Kiln-builder, Gyan Wall, together with in-house wood-firer, Hillary Kane, will lead this “Ceremony of Fire”, sharing their collective technical knowledge of the anagama, as well as their more personal spiritual experiences of wood-firing. It will truly be not only a ceramics workshop, but a transformative journey for clay pots and participants alike.

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