2016 APRIL, figurative sculpture workshop with Naidee Changmoh (Thailand)

"For many years I've been working in a kindergarten. My artworks were inspired by the purity, spontaneity, fullness and happiness of kids… that beautiful energy influences me to create my artworks. I am Buddhist, The way to feel peace in my mind. I keep doing my work which relates to Buddhism, to keep my mind not too far from peace. I use cartoon forms to create my positive thinking artworks. Most of my works will give a feeling of peace, beauty and simplicity…" Naidee Changmoh

Born July 21st, 1969 Phrae province, Thailand

Education Faculty of fine arts, Painting Chiangmai University 1993

1994 Learned technique to make terracotta at pottery village, Maungkung Village Amphur Hangdong Chiangmai

1998 First solo exhibition “terracotta sculptures by Naidee Changmoh” Gaesorn plaza, Bangkok

2006 Made sculpture 2 pieces for Wat Thai Dhummaprateep, Paris France

2006 “Clay Alchemy” Exchange Artists Program between Thai artists and Australia artists, Melbourne Australia

2008 Solo exhibition ”On the way pasted and the way to go” Tadu gallery, Bangkok

2008 Made sculpture 2 pieces for Wat Thai Dhummaprateep, Paris France

2008-2012 Designed and created “Naidee Sculpture Huts” For Pattravadi Theatre Huahin, 9 cement Sculpture free form huts, Art living space

2009 Exhibition “The Ceramic Road of Southeast Asia” Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

2011 Solo exhibition “Here and Now” (What I am doing?) O.P.Garden, Bangkok

2011 Thai artist residency project and Exhibition “ How do I get here?” Dawang culture highland, Shenzhen China

2012 Residency program 2nd South East Asia Conference Fule international ceramic museum” Fuping, Xian, China

2012 Workshop at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, Singapore

2013 Invited ceramic master "Clay push" Golgong Australia

2014 Solo ceramics & painting exhibition "Naidee Changmoh" Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney, Auatralia

2014 Ceramic exhibition at Dao gallery, Xi'an China

2014 Invited ceramic demonstrator "ARGILLA" Faenza, Italy

2014 "3rd South East Asia Conference" Workhouse Arts Centre, Virginia, USA

2014 Invited to exhibit " Sculpture by the sea 2014" Bondi beach, Sydney Australia

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November 22 - December 2, 2015 | Finding Center: Yoga & Clay

Yoga & Clay "yoga, somatics, and clay: personal transformation as you have never experienced before" [with Hillary Kane, Emily Kuser & Janur Yasa]

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October 4 - 17, 2015 | The Story Behind the Surface

Janet De Boos "renowned lecturer, potter, designer and surfaces extraordinaire"

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August 9 - 22, 2015 | East Meets West: My Approach to Clay

Mitsuo Shoji "sensei in character as well as in clay-- a true guru none should miss"


Born in Osaka, Japan 1946

Initial training Kyoto City University of Fine Arts

Honorary Associate Professor, Sydney College of Art 2007

Honorary Associate Professor, Sydney College of Art / University of Sydney 2012

Member of International Academy of Ceramics since 1980


 Faenza International Ceramics Competition

 Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award Premier Award, Aukland, NZ

 Numerous grants for development of artwork

 Invited participant for conferences, symposiums, judging panels, guest lecturer, workshop

participations in Australia and overseas.


 40 solo exhibitions world wide

 90 group exhibitions world wide


 Australia major galleries

 Worldwide major galleries

 National Gallery of Australia, Canbera, AU

 National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, AU

 Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria, AU

 International Ceramics Museum, Shigaraki, Japan

 Total Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea

 Museo Internazionalle delle Ceramiche, Faenza, Italy

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May 24- June 6, 2015 | Demystifying Form: Clay Play and the Teapot

Fong Choo "master of teapots, charismatic clay coach, and a terrific amount of fun"

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SPIRIT OF FIRE: Soul of the Anagama (trailer)

As our next anagama workshop approaches, here is a time-lapse glimpse into firing and unloading...
Come and be a part of the next team of fire-loving community!

Video by Paul Shirley

April 5-18, 2015 | SPIRIT OF FIRE: Soul of the Anagama with GYAN WALL & HILLARY KANE

April 5 - 18, 2015
Delighting in the element of serendipity and spontaneous beauty, this workshop will explore the natural glaze effects of atmospheric wood-firing in Gaya Ceramic Arts Center’s anagama (a small Japanese-style wood-fired kiln). Kiln-builder, Gyan Wall, together with in-house wood-firer, Hillary Kane, will lead this “Ceremony of Fire”, sharing their collective technical knowledge of the anagama, as well as their more personal spiritual experiences of wood-firing. It will truly be not only a ceramics workshop, but a transformative journey for clay pots and participants alike.

For more information, please contact gayacac@gayaceramic.com

WEAVING IN CLAY & SMOKE Exploring Surface in Raku

Gaya CAC year of workshops opens 2015 with the return of the exquisitely talented Candone Wharton (USA). 

An especially special workshop is in store because participants will enjoy the added inspiration of seeing all of Candone’s creations during her residency here at Gaya CAC prior. 

Textures will highlight Candone’s signature basket-weave coiling techniques as well as her over flowing wealth of knowledge in Raku firing. 

Intensity in the studio will be balanced by adventurous and inspiring excursions into all the textile magic of Bali! 

Spaces limited. Inquire NOW for reservations! gayacac@gayaceramic.com