LOOMING LARGE: a Preview to 2017 Workshops

2017 LOOMING LARGE: a Preview (This list is certainly subject to change-- but hopefully enough to thoroughly whet your appetite and enthusiasm for clay! Final calendar is due to be published by the end of August.)

FEB: China Painting with ILONA ROMULE

APRIL: Finding the Beauty in Imperfection with AKIRA SATAKE

MAY: Culinary Clay with HILLARY KANE (and Ubud Food Festival) 

JULY: How to Make it as a Maker with AYUMI HORIE

AUG: Anagama Firing with JEFF SHAPIRO

SEPT: Potters Council returns to Bali

OCT: Nascent Forms: Birthing Big Pots (a women's retreat) with HILLARY KANE

For more information, contact us at gayacac@gayaceramic.com   or   grace@gayaceramic.com

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