with Gaya Instructors:
Marcello Massoni, Michela Foppiani, and Hillary Kane

August 12-25, 2018

Seductively shimmering surfaces, burnished to a soft sheen as satin as skin... Naked Raku. Technically more complex in possibilities than meets the eye, this two-week focus study will endeavor to unveil the mysteries, and thoroughly explore the length and breadth of techniques. From finding suitable forms hand-built or wheel thrown, to burnishing, applying resistant slip, patterning surfaces in the simplest or the most intricate detail, smoking, and polishing-- each participant will become a budding expert in every nuance of practical knowledge, enough to commence an exploration of a lifetime. Gaya Ceramic's vast archive of Naked Raku production samples will enhance and inspire everyone's palette of possibilities... 

12 August: Sunday                Welcome Dinner                                Moksa Restaurant
6pm     a casual dinner of introductions, program discussion, and slide show.

13 August: Monday              Naked Raku: Utterly Unveiled        GCAC studio
The first session will be a detailed look at a variety of finished examples, dissecting each piece so that participants fully understand precisely how the design and feel were achieved. 
Pre-prepared samples will also be on hand to further walk through the steps of the process.

            NAKED RAKU EXAMPLES selected from archives and collections
·         Full resist and glaze on burnished surface (white, grey, black)
·         Full resist and glaze on textured surface
·         Burnished textures
·         Resist only (shades of grey)
·         Carving through resist and glaze (white, grey, black + line)
·         Various combinations
·         Suggestions on forms, burnishing, tools, resist and glaze application, cleaning, etc
·         Common challenges and mistakes

14 August: Tuesday              Suitable Forms                                  GCAC
Suggestions of types of forms will be made, and participants will jump into forming (by hand or wheel)

15 August: Wednesday         Beginning Burnishing                       GCAC
Burnishing techniques while throwing or hand-building—it’s all in the tool, and the touch…

16 August: Thursday            A Sheen Like Water                         GCAC
Bringing burnishing to a new level.  Terra Sigillata as another variable.

17 August: Friday                 Understanding RESISTANT SLIP            GCAC
Review demonstration of resistant slip and glaze application techniques; trouble-shooting design ideas for individual pieces; concluding making for first bisque firing; wares prepped for bisque fire loading

18 August: Saturday             EXCURSION                                                TBD

19 August: Sunday                FREE DAY!!!                                               Anywhere Bali
(Bisque kiln firing off)

20 August: Monday              Shades of Grey                                              GCAC
Firing utilizing RESISTANT SLIP ONLY.  Pairing down; understanding and nuancing your 100 shades of grey…

21 August: Tuesday              Pure NAKED Crackle                                 GCAC
Firing with full RESISTANT SLIP and GLAZE coverage.  Understanding the importance of thickness, application, burnish, and all the possible room for error.
(Loading 2nd Bisque kiln)

22 August: Wednesday         Increasing Complexity                                  GCAC
Waxing patterns, painting on, Carving through… upping the ante.  Can you keep your transitions clean?
(Possibility of 2nd Bisque Firing)

23 August: Thursday            Pure SMOKE                                                GCAC
For horse hair squiggles, feathery wisps, freckling of saw dust, or satin saggar blacks…

24 August: Friday                 Fire Finale                                          GCAC
Mixed styles of firing—refining your performance art. 
Post-firing clean-up/preservation of delicate surfaces for longevity.

25 August: Saturday Concluding Display and Discussion GCAC
Enjoy a moment to take in and review all that was learned.  Packing (materials available).

*Schedule is subject to revision prior to the commencement of the actual workshop
**all lunches during studio days will be catered family-style in the studio mezzanine midday

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