10 Vessels by TORTUS… Glazes by GAYA
with Eric Landon and Gaya staff

July 15-28, 2018

Join TORTUS Copenhagen founder, Eric Landon, on his Bali debut.  Sure to be an inimitable experience, this pottery legend will lead participants in forming 10 distinct vessel types—imbuing each vessel with the comprehensive and unique technical and aesthetic approach he applies at the wheel to make all of his works.  The first week of the workshop will explore the making of a series of vases, bottles and bowls, wherein Eric will introduce nuanced tricks and studied techniques that will allow each participant to get more out of their wheel with just a few simple tools.

In the second week of the workshop, the expansive expertise of the entire Gaya ceramic and Design production studio will be made available to participants.  Beginning in the glaze lab, participants will get a glimpse of the rigorous and ever-exciting research endlessly ongoing to formulate hues and sheens to suit even the most particular of Gaya’s clientele.  Then, with the support of the finest of Gaya’s in-house technicians and instructors, all the details for perfectionist glazing will be revealed.  Participants will be guided in their own glazing for the final firing of works produced in the first week.

Sunday (15 July)                   Welcome Dinner                    Moksa Restaurant
6-9pm: A deliciously relaxing evening of introductions, getting to know one another, and looking at an overview of the two weeks ahead.  Dinner will conclude with a slide presentation given by Eric Landon.

Monday (16 July)                  The Perfect Cylinder                                    GCAC
Beginning with the perfect cylinder is the starting point of all great vessels.

Tuesday (17 July)                  2 Elusive Bowl Forms                       GCAC
Moving on to his unique approach of throwing bowls, Eric will demonstrate two bowl forms in particular that elude many potters.
Afternoon: Eric will share his trimming techniques.

Wednesday (18 July)             4 Closed Forms                                  GCAC
Eric will demonstrate enclosed forms in 4 form types: a bulb-shaped vessel with small opening, a tall long-necked vessel, a shouldered bottle, and a peanut shaped vessel.

Thursday (19 July)                Larger Vessels                                   GCAC
Eric will demonstrate centering and throwing large amounts of clay to form a 5 kg and 10 kg vessel.

Eric will also demonstrate sectioning a vessel to give it a geometric appearance.

Friday (20 July)                     The 10th Vessel                                   GCAC                                   
The final form of the workshop will be left as a surprise—perhaps participant-requested, perhaps pulled out of the Tortus magic hat!

Saturday (21 July)                 Finishing Forms                                GCAC
It’s the final moment of making, trimming and wrapping up loose ends before leaving the works to be loaded for bisque-firing. 
Eric’s final day in the studio.

Sunday (22 July)
(Bisque-firing in studio)

Monday (23 July)                  GAYA CAD
Morning: a tour of Gaya’s production ceramic facility, with particular attention paid to the glaze lab and the surface department.

Afternoon: introduction to our selection of studio glazes and their characteristics.
Key Gaya glaze technicians will join us in the arts center studio to demonstrate perfect glazing tips including feathering drips into surface, foot wax application, and using the spray gun.  Preparation for glazing begins.
(Second bisque firing if needed.)

Tuesday (24 July)                  GLAZING
Glazing works selected for first high firing.  Gaya technicians on hand to assist.
Kiln to be loaded by the end of the day.

Wednesday (25 July)             GLAZING
Glazing works for second firing. 
(First kiln-load firing.)

Thursday (26 July)                Excursion
(Full-day tour destination to be determined…)
(First firing unloaded; second firing loaded and firing.)

Friday (27 July)                     Unveiling
Morning: FREE TIME.
Meeting for lunch in the studio.  Looking through first firing results.
Late afternoon: unloading of the final gas firing.  Selecting of works for exhibition.

Saturday (28 July)                
Concluding display of participant work and conversation.
Photographing of works.  Wrapping and packaging for departure.

*All lunches will be served daily noon-1pm family-style in the studio mezzanine.

**Details listed in this preliminary schedule are subject to change; a finalized version will be included in participant welcome package.

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