March 27 - April 9, 2016 Sculpting Like Buddha



Techniques and thoughts on creating large-scale figurative clay works

with Naidee Changmoh

Join internationally renowned Thai artist, Naidee Changmoh, as he offers two weeks of meditative focus on the technical and conceptual approach to figurative sculpting at a grand scale.  Participants will learn to masterfully utilize a simple pinching technique, beginning smaller scale and working up to a seated or standing figure of up to 150cm, all the while contemplating the personality and emotive potential to be drawn forth in their sculpture.  Finding inspiration in the purity and joy of children, and in the Buddhism that he practices, Naidee’s own massive-scaled works maintain a softness and expression that belie their stature, but certainly underline the artist’s own nature and sensibilities.

“For many years I’ve been working in a kindergarten. My artworks were inspired by the kids-their pureness, cuteness, full with happiness-their beautiful energy influences me to create my work. I keep doing my work in relation to Buddhism to keep my mind not too far from peace. I use cartoon forms to create my positive thinking out of the artwork.” NC


27 March: Sunday evening                       Welcome Dinner                                         MOKSA Restaurant

An exquisite meal set upon anagama-fired ware at the restaurant of director Hillary Kane’s husband.  A relaxed evening in which participants can get to know one another and share their stories and intentions for being here.  Dessert will be served with a slideshow given by Naidee, sharing his journey as an artist, his inspiration, and of course his many and varied works.

28 March: Monday                 Beginning Meditation                                   GCAC

Morning: an introduction to Gaya Ceramic Arts Center studio—facilities, staff, tools and clay.  Followed by Naidee’s first detailed discussion and demonstration on technique in approaching large ceramic sculpture, and a brainstorming on paper. 

Each participant will begin with a sketch of their intended first sculptural idea. 

(Possibly, sketches will transform into miniature 3-D maquettes in clay as well.)

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Afternoon: digging into clay and launching our first medium-scaled seated figurative work.  (Aiming at finished height of between 60cm-100cm.)

29 March: Tuesday                            Sitting Action                                              GCAC

Working at a steady and efficient pace—these first figures are as much about gaining familiarity and control of the pinching-paddling method of building as they are about creating a finished piece.  Participants continue working on seated figure, while thinking toward a standing version.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine.  Followed by Participant Presentations (informal sharing slides of each participant’s ceramic or artistic work)—a lovely opportunity to further get to know one another and to look into the thoughts and intentions in joining this program. 

Afternoon: commencing standing figure’s legs, allowing time for stiffening and strengthening before continuation in the morning.   Continue/Concluding seated figure.

30 March: Wednesday                       Standing Action                                                       GCAC

Participants plunge into working on their standing position figure, (legs should have had time to stiffen slightly since afternoon prior).  Discussion on splinting for support as figure grows?

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: continued personal projects

31 March: Thursday              Keep On Standing                                    Batubulan / GCAC

Morning Excursion: an inspiring visit to the effortlessly skilled Balinese stone carvers who specialize sculpting various figurative forms in parras, sandstone, and volcanic lime stone. 

Lunch: Rice-field overlook café near Batubulan

Afternoon: Discussion/demonstration on facial features or any gesture or detail that really speaks to expression/emotion in the piece.  Continue and conclude standing figure, then brainstorming ideas for a third figure of your own determination.     

1 April: Friday                                   New Asana                                                     GCAC

Really working one’s own concept and style, participants begin a new third figure of their own idea, in any desired posture.  Naidee, of course, supporting each person’s goals with advice and assistance.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: continued personal projects

2 April: Saturday                              The Final Skin                                             GCAC

Concluding all 3 medium-scale works—specifically looking at choices surrounding final surface and final finish of the raw pieces. 

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Afternoon: continued personal projects

Evening Dinner: a casual hands-on evening at director, Hillary Kane’s, house—wood-fired pizza-making, and generally relaxing.  Possible image-sharing from figurative ceramicists worldwide.

3 April: Sunday                                FREE DAY                         anywhere Bali

4 April: Monday                                EXCURSION                                            Jimbaran

 A full-day tour of the spectacular project-in-progress at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park ( – where renowned Balinese stone-sculptor, Nyoman Nuarta, has built the massive “maquette” stone sculptures (themselves up to 75m high) as the study for a incomparably vast proposed future project.  The figurative works feature the ubiquitous Hindu Ramayana characters of the god Wisnu and his bird-chariot, Garuda.

Lunch: together at the Cultural Park

Group option: to enjoy an evening sunset dinner at Jimbaran Beach’s famous grilled seafood market, or to return directly to Ubud by late afternoon. 

5 April: Tuesday                   Go Big or Go Home                                                  GCAC

Contemplation/discussion on the effect of scaling UP (physically, conceptually, emotionally).
Participants will start making their big piece (which could be an enlargement of one of the previous smaller works, or a new posture altogether).   The entire week will be dedicated to learning and practice—and hopefully achieving the final large sculpture (aiming for around 150cm).

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: continued personal projects

6 April: Wednesday               Gravity and other Constraints                                         GCAC          
As participants continue working on their large pieces, we will discuss the challenges to working large-scale, how to foresee them and overcome (or work with) them to achieve your vision.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: continued personal projects

7 April: Thursday                  Onward and upward                                       GCAC
Continuing to build bulk of the large figure, assessing and working with any potential trouble-points as they arise.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: continued personal projects

8 April: Friday                       Finishing Details: face and hands                     GCAC
Naidee shares a bit of his philosophy on creating works that are true to You—finding, refining and expressing your Self in clay.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine
Afternoon: continued personal projects

9 April: Saturday                  Lessons from the Buddha                                       GCAC

What do the figure and scale have to teach you?  A concluding (unfired) display and contemplation of the entire experience.   

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine together before departure.
Departure: by 2pm

** Participants will have the option to have GCAC bisque fire (up to 1000C) their finished raw works when the works are sufficiently dry to fire without too much risk.  This will necessarily be several weeks post-workshop.  If the participant does decide to bisque fire, they will be responsible for either pick up or payment for shipping.  (All shipping possibilities will be discussed early in the workshop). **

Artist Statement... Naidee Changmoh

When I was young I really love to see cartoon in the television and read cartoon book. It was another world and seemed really real for the kids. My favorite cartoons were “Doraemon” and “Ikkyu-san” Both of these cartoons are about creativity, moral, and virtue. Children will deep into the world and cartoon and absorb behavior of their hero to themselves. I think cartoon in my childhood affected to my way of thinking and my behavior when I grow up.

More than 90% of Thai population is Buddhist. I am also. Once when I was 12 years old, I had chance to be little monk. We learned to do meditation, and I got very wonderful experience that I will never forget. It made me believed deeply in the way of Buddhism.

From those experiences,  it always appear in my art work. I created art work through many techniques, I work with ceramics, acrylic painting, Chinese ink painting, concrete sculptures, architecture. I used cartoon form to create my art works. The result of every material will came out the same feeling. Feeling of loveliness, happiness, peaceful. I love to create art works on the positive thinking way.

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