June 5 - 19, 2016 Brushstrokes & Fire

BRUSHSTROKES & FIRE: tool-making and anagama firing
with Troy Bungart and Hillary Kane

June 5-19, 2016

5 June: Sunday evening            Welcome Dinner              MOKSA restaurant                   
An exquisite meal set upon anagama-fired ware at the restaurant of director Hillary Kane’s husband.  A relaxed evening in which participants can get to know one another and share their stories and intentions for being here.  Dessert will be served with a double slideshow given by Troy Bungart and Hillary Kane, as an orientation to each as artists and makers, followed by a review of the workshop schedule and a general fanning of the fires of enthusiasm!
6 June: Monday                                       Studio, Kiln, Clay                                                    GCAC
A morning of introduction: to the studio in general and into the Gaya anagama specifically.  We will orient the outset of our own making by exploring a variety of finished Gayagama works, paying particular attention to the many important variables, including positioning in the kiln, clay bodies, slips, brushwork, tumble stacking and decorative use of wadding.
Clay demos:
Troy and the “4 Ts”: throwing, tool use, texture and trimming.  
Hillary and hand-building: template slab forms or building from a block
 Hands in Clay: individual work time begins!               
7 June: Tuesday          Brushmaking Intensive                                                 GCAC
Under Troy’s expert tutelage, participants will observe and then participate in making at least one bamboo brush with a fur or hair brush head.  Participants will explore the unique quality of marks that each handmade brush makes using water or clay slip on a variety of trial surfaces. Brush making exploration will continue with the making of paintbrush components of clay (ferrules and handles).
Individual work time can continue with brushes as well as vessels for firing.   
8 June: Wednesday               “Tools as Art and Inspiration”           GCAC   
Clay demo: (morning) textures for wood fire
Slide talk: (after lunch) Sharing his philosophy that high quality tools provide an aesthetic inspiration for high quality work, Troy will show examples of highly creative custom work and beautiful solutions to challenges he’s set for himself. 
Individual Work Time continues (afternoon)                                                 
9 June: Thursday                   Making Fine Wood Tools                              GCAC
Troy discusses Indonesian woods and demonstrates how he makes his wood tools using a belt sander. Prepping fresh-cut bamboo for brushes.
Individual Work Time                                                   
10 June: Friday          A Final Moment of Making                           GCAC
Participants continue full-throttle finishing  clayworks: trimming, assembling, surfacing for drying time.  Likewise, brush-making and wood tool making can continue.  All materials and assistance will be on hand.            
11 June: Saturday                      Brushstrokes and Clay                     GCAC
Final finishing of pieces for firing.  Then group time to undertake together the decorating of our anagama pieces with slips, stains and glazes using our handmade paintbrushes! 

Saturday evening :              FIRE Ceremony and wood-fired pizzas      Kasa Kaneyasa
Enjoy a stimulating, cleansing “Puja” (Hindu fire-ceremony) at the home of director, Hillary Kane.  Followed by a fitting evening of stoking the wood-fired pizza-oven.  Pizza-making participation required!       
12 June: Sunday       Loading the Dragon                                      GCAC
Working in shifts, we begin the slow and particular process of loading the Gayagama.  Everyone will have an opportunity to assist in preparing various types wadding, placing works, judging flame flow, and engaging in kiln yoga!
(Interim possibility: continued making of wooden tools…)
13 June: Monday       Continue and Conclude Loading                 GCAC        
(Interim possibility: Slide talk “The Dialogue, Collaborations and the World-Wide Web”
Troy talks about his interest and involvement in connecting artists and in promoting public awareness of the value of handmade work.  He also talks about the importance of a good photo and social media networks.)

Sunday evening:                Lighting Ceremony                                        GCAC
Candling begins along with first all-night firing shift. 
14 June: Tuesday     FIRING                                                         GCAC
Low-mid range temperatures.  Participants rotate on predetermined 6-hr. shifts through day and night.  Transport and meals will be organized accordingly.
15 June: Wednesday                 FIRING                                                                       GCAC
Sustained high temperatures, working back side stoke ports, salt/soda introduction, final peak temperature, and dramatic reduction cooling. 
Ending in a pizza-making in the residual heat pizza oven!       
16 June: Thursday                            R&R       FREE DAY 
17 June: Friday                    Excursion Day
TBD (but something wonderful, inspiring, and uniquely Bali!)
18 June Saturday             Unloading and Finishing                                   GCAC
A slow and considered unload (this is when we have everything to learn!)  Afternoon discussing and implementing a variety of post-firing clean-up and finishing techniques.
19 June: Sunday                         Exhibiting Our Treasures                            GCAC
A concluding discussion of the entire experience.  Then packing works to go (packing materials provided).  Final lunch together before departure.

*In order to encourage thoughtful making in the allotted studio time, in conjuction with considered brush and tool-making, there is a suggestion that participants bring 3-5 bisqued pots to add to the overall anagama load.

**Details of schedule may be subject to change, but overall content will remain constant.


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