LORNA MEADEN || Focus on Form, Mindful of Surface

Focus on Form, Mindful of Surface

April 1-14, 2018

In this two-week workshop in Bali, participants will refine and expand their vocabulary of functional forms. We will make simple pots for daily use such as cups and bowls, in addition to more complex forms for pouring and serving. While focusing on form, we will be mindful of surfaces that respond well to soda firing. Explorations of surface will include texture, line and atmosphere. Our pots will be altered, stamped, and drawn on, before being offered to the atmospheric influence of the soda kiln. This workshop is open and suitable for all levels of throwing ability. Participants will have an opportunity to explore both stoneware and porcelain according to their preference and interests.

Sunday April 1: Sunday Welcome Dinner MOKSA
An exquisite meal set upon anagama-fired ware at the restaurant of director Hillary Kane’s husband. A relaxed evening in which participants can get to know one another and share their stories and intentions for being here. Dessert will be served with an image presentation given by Lorna Meaden, offering her work, as well as her journey in being a studio potter and soda firing. Following will be a review of the workshop schedule and a general fanning of the fires of enthusiasm!

Monday April 2:  Altering Cups and Bowls
Morning: Welcome and Introduction to GCAC studio. While settling in, we will hit the ground running! Initial discussion about soda firing will orient participants as to the firing next week. A close look at the clay bodies that Gaya offers, their individual attributes when soda-fired, and how to go about choosing what to work with.
Demonstration 1- Throwing and altering cups and bowls- Cups and bowls, while often thought of as simple, are full of important details. We will focus on the basics of centering and throwing as well as consider what makes a cup or bowl work well, while feeling good in the hands. Lorna will demonstrate a variety of altering techniques while talking about proportion.
Start Throwing
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Demonstration 2- Trimming and Handles- What makes a foot relate to the body and lip of a pot? How can a handle feel good in the hand while working well? Demos will include tapping to center for trimming, pulling handles, and creating a strong handle attachment to a mug.
Studio time/individual instruction with Lorna

Tuesday April 3: Decorating with Line Inlay and Texture in the Soda Kiln
Discussion about functional/decorative pots and the soda kiln: Specifically, how the anticipation of the effects of the soda influences surface decoration. Placement in the kiln, and how the work is loaded, plays a large role in decorating pots for atmospheric firing.
Demonstration 1- Drawing on pots, underglaze inlay, throwing bowls- Discussion about integrating form and surface, and how atmospheric firing interacts with decoration.
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Demonstration 2- Finishing Inlay decoration, Making and Using Stamps carved out of plaster
Open Studio

Wednesday April 4: Pouring Pots- Making two different spouts that pour well.
Demonstration 1: Soy Bottle- collaring a thrown form, throwing and altering a spout, and making a hollow stopper lid.
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Demonstration 2: Pitcher- Pulling a Pitcher spout and a larger size handle. Discussion of the ergonomics of making a larger pot that pours well.
Open Studio

Thursday April 5: Teapots- Balancing Design Elements
Demonstration 1: Throwing Teapot Parts- Spouts with strainers, two different lid designs, and handles- how to balance the parts to create a well considered form.
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Demonstration 2: Assembling Teapots- What makes them pour well? How do the spout, lid, and handle relate to one another?
Open Studio

Friday April 6: Serving Pieces
Demonstration 1: Serving Dish with handles- cutting clay away to create handles.
Participant demo requests
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Open Studio

Saturday April 7: Final Day of Making
Demonstration 1: Spoons and Scoops- Throwing multiple parts to make a scoop with a thrown handle and a spoon with a hand built handle.
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Demonstration 2: Hand-building Spouts and Handles using a paper pattern and rolled out slab.
Open Studio
*Work must be finished for bisque firing by the end of the day for the work to get in the kiln
Sunday April 8: Free Day (bisque firing)
Monday April 9: Glazing
Unload Bisque Kiln and discuss selectivity of glazing. Choosing slips and glazes: where they work best, both on the pots and in the kiln.
Demonstration 1: Glazing for the soda kiln
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Demonstration 2: Wadding
Glazing and Wadding
Tuesday April 10: Load the Soda Kiln
Discussion of the approach to loading the kiln, kiln design, estimated flame path, and introduction of the soda into the kiln’s atmosphere. What is wadding and why is it necessary?
Wadding and Loading the Kiln: Participants will be on “shift” to actively make decisions about loading their own work as well as other people’s work.
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
(Load gas kiln with any extra work?)

Wednesday April 11: Soda Kiln Firing
Participants will take shifts-assisting in the firing of the kiln. Toward the end of the firing will be most exciting when we prepare and introduce the soda into the kiln atmosphere.
During quieter times of the firing, Lorna will share an image presentation “Soda Fired Work and Kilns”.
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
Open Studio- make stamps for texture decoration
(Gas Kiln firing simultaneously)

Thursday April 12: Excursion Day while the Kiln Cools
Water Temple or Waterfall?

Friday April 13: Unloading the Kiln- Recording Data
Free Morning
Lunch- family style in GCAC mezzanine
We will unload slowly, with a good amount of pondering, to understand why a certain surface effect occurred in one area of the kiln differently than another, paying attention to everyone’s work (not just one’s own).
Clean up wadding and Kiln, taking care of any necessary grinding.
Unload the gas kiln, observing differences between the two firings.
Selection of works by each participant for “exhibition” the following morning.

Saturday April 14: Concluding Thoughts/Farewell
Time to discuss and enjoy the results of everyone’s hard work in an intimate in-studio exhibition in our gallery space.
Take photographs and pack (packing materials will be provided).
*Friends extraneous to the workshop are welcome and encouraged to join.
Farewell Lunch: family style together in GCAC mezzanine
Departure by 2pm
*** This workshop schedule is subject to change before final rendition.

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