Inspired Raku: October 16-22, 2016

Inspired Raku
with Candone Wharton

October 16-22, 2016

16 October: Sunday                       Welcome Dinner                            MOKSA restaurant  
Evening: a relaxing evening of sumptuous flavors and a casual getting to know one another.  Dessert will be served with a slideshow given by Candone Wharton, as an orientation to her journey as an artist, followed by a review of the workshop schedule and a ready-set-go for the fast-paced week ahead!
_____________________________________________________________________________________ 17 October: Monday              Full Immersion Inspiration                          GCAC
Morning: a brief introduction to Gaya Ceramic Arts Center studio, then a direct dive into demonstrations and discussion.  Demos will focus on textures on hand-built coil forms, cut-outs, and over all hand-building techniques most utilized by Candone.
Hands-on experience will follow every demo.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Afternoon: continued hand-building demos, focusing on slab and coil construction and application of texture throughout. 
Personal projects will be well underway by the end of the day.
18 October: Tuesday                        Personal Projects                                 GCAC
Morning: individuals will focus on personal projects with plenty of one-on-one assistance from Candone.  (Throwing demos available upon request).

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Afternoon: a brief tour of Gaya Ceramic and Design showroom, production studio and archives with a focus on a widely varied sampling of raku vessels.
Continued personal projects in studio.

19 October: Wednesday       Concluding Forms, Plotting Glazes                  GCAC   
Morning : final finishing details on all vessels and forms by lunch time (giving a breath of space in which to dry before firing).

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Afternoon: a discussion of glaze possibilities and application techniques vs. raw unglazed surfaces and all the ensuing alternative smoking techniques, combining glaze and smoke, burnishing beforehand, the use of terra sig, etc.
Any last burnishing, and planning for glazing and firing the following day.
*Bisque loaded after 5pm, firing from midnight until Thurs. noon.
20 October: Thursday                   Basking in Pattern                                     GCAC

Morning: A visit to Pak Tjok of Pejeng village: a traditional indigo and natural dye batik studio tour and showroom of collectible fabrics, sure to trigger even more ideas of possible glaze inspiration, pattern-gathering, and more.

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Afternoon:  Let the FIRINGS begin! After the first round of pots are glazed and ready to go, the initial firing will be lit—to be unloaded by the end of the day.          

21 October: Friday                                FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!                                                  GCAC

Morning: the first firing of the day will be lit early so that the kiln will be nearly ready to open when the day begins at 9am.  Another firing will happen before lunch.  

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine

Afternoon: demos on post-firing clean up, and immediate cleaning of finished works.  There will be another one to two more firings, ending with a “black box” smoke chamber firing.
22 October: Saturday                                    Conclusion                                                 GCAC
Morning: unloading the black box firing; then a moment to admire a concluding display of works and a final discussion with everyone.
Packing works (packaging materials included).

Lunch: family style in Gaya CAC mezzanine.

Farewell after lunch.

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