Gaya CAC 2015 WORKSHOP schedule


WEAVING IN CLAY & SMOKE: Exploring Surface in Raku 
February 15-28, 2015 
Drawing upon the immeasurable breadth of exquisite textile tradition and intricate crafts work to be found in Bali, this workshop will weave together inspiration and technique in a focus on surface possibilities in clay.  After visiting a wide range of the finest craft experts-- from batik dyers to ikat weavers, wood carvers to silver smiths, and more-- participants will develop individual projects in direct response to the vast textural stimuli at hand.

SPIRIT OF FIRE: Soul of the Anagama
April 5 - 18, 2015
Delighting in the element of serendipity and spontaneous beauty, this workshop will explore the natural glaze effects of atmospheric wood-firing in Gaya Ceramic Arts Center’s anagama (a small Japanese-style wood-fired kiln). Kiln-builder, Gyan Wall, together with in-house wood-firer, Hillary Kane, will lead this “Ceremony of Fire”, sharing their collective technical knowledge of the anagama, as well as their more personal spiritual experiences of wood-firing. It will truly be not only a ceramics workshop, but a transformative journey for clay pots and participants alike.

DEMYSTIFYING FORM: Clay Play and the Teapot 
May 24 - June 6, 2015 
The study of form has always been a core interest in Fong Choo’s career as a studio potter. For nearly 20 years he has focused - consciously and meticulously - on a single form: the teapot. At this workshop each participant will focus on their own personal study of form. Participants will develop a perspective on proportions from large to small, while the nature of “play” will always be in the foreground. Throughout the workshop there will be demos on types of bowls, mugs, lidded forms, vessels, etc... and then how each facet of the piece is formed, along with discussions on how the many facets of making can be aggregated into an aesthetically pleasing whole. 

EAST MEETS WEST: My Approach to Clay
August 9 - 22, 2015
After 48 years of experience working as a ceramic artist in both Japan and Australia, Mistuo Shoji truly represents a master in technique, concept, and understanding of the dynamic confluence of eastern and western perspectives in clay. Revealing his
synthesis of cultures, Shoji-sensei will share his personal construction methods in hand-building and surface treatment, while also demonstrating his comprehensive knowledge of traditional Japanese-style slab-building and wheel-throwing, brush work, slip work  and  color inlay. Participants will be tutored in simple Raku Kiln construction, as well as experience  a  traditional  Japanese  black-firing technique to obtain a beautiful dense black color burnished surface of clay.

October 4 - 17, 2015 
Join renowned ceramicist and educator, Janet DeBoos, in this two week exploration of the surface of simple forms. Working at all stages of making from wet clay, through leather-hard and dry clay, to bisque and over-glaze techniques including decal use, china painting and enamels, De Boos will lead participants to focus on how to 'see' where to place decorations and how to plan and utilize different surface treatments on a  single  piece. Decoration will require participants to explore  the  imagery  and iconography of their own places and cultures as well as local material gathered during the workshop.  There will be discussion of pattern development and how judicious use of decoration can enhance formal aspects, as well as create the plot, the crescendo and the conclusion of the "story" of each piece.

CULINARY CLAY: Food & Design
November 1 - 14, 2015
Returning for it’s third incarnation, this is a remarkable workshop for any clay-lover with a specific interest in the intimate relationship between food and the vessel in which it is presented. Formal design considerations of shape, texture, color and scale will be explored in direct relation to specific unusual gastronomic selections. Participants will work closely with ceramic instructor and visiting culinary expert, creating utilitarian pieces as well as sampling and preparing the exquisite recipes that will be served upon them. The two-week workshop will culminate, appropriately, in a feast of the senses.

November 22 - December 2, 2015
In this intensive ten-day workshop ceramicist-yogi, Hillary Kane (Gaya CAC), Emily Kuser (Yoga Instructor) and Janur Yasa (Somatic Coach)-will lead a dynamic introduction to the art of finding one's center through the sensuous medium of clay and the balancing counterpoint of yoga. While focusing on the essential technical basics of throwing on the potter's wheel and hand-building in clay, participants will equally concentrate on the mental and physical relationship of clay to whole-body awareness through daily practice of yoga and meditation. Throughout the week and a half, we will channel the artist within via all the five elements, accessing our own bodies through the clay body.

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