Inviting expressions of interest for a full immersion experience

Gyan Daniel Wall would like to invite expressions of interest for a full immersion experience
in studio making, kiln building and wood-firing. (Oct 14 - Nov 1, 2012)

The bottle kiln will be a new and innovative design that Gyan's has been working on over the past year.  It is small, efficient, smokeless, fast firing and super active for the natural glazing and coloring effects of wood flame and atmosphere, natural ash deposits and salt or soda. It is a double skin downdraft bottle kiln and consists of an inner dome chamber with the firebox in the middle and a series of exit flues around the perimeter, which then flow up through a second skin to a second chamber on top of the main inner camber and out a chimney on top. The external shape is that of a bottle kiln. This design utilizes the heat and flame that would otherwise be lost out the chimney to secondarily heat the ware chamber from the outside giving efficiency and even temperature. It also gives the opportunity to let air into the second skin to allow secondary combustion in the second chamber, burning off any excess smoke and gases before they exit the chimney. The kiln will be built in my unique organic style, with raw handmade bricks, using an ancient technique of lying that is strong and self supporting without the use of form-work, and then finished with stone buttressing and insulating natural earth plaster.

The Bottle Kiln course schedule for full immersion experience in studio making, kiln building and wood-firing; it breakdown to,

  • Sun 14th, arrival evening meal and slide presentation
  • 5 days studio time making, Mon 15th to Fri 19th.
  • 5 days kiln building, Sat 20th to Wed 24th. I will have the floor plan and start of the walls complete before this to allow the build to be easily achieved in this time frame including the buttressing and earth plaster
  • 1 free day, Thurs 25th
  • 2 days to glaze and load, Fri 26th & Sat 27th
  • 2 days to fire, starting on the eve of 27th finish on the eve of Mon 28th. Aiming for a 50hr firing to allow for a slow preheat. Will be a soda firing
  • 1 free day whilst kiln is cooling
  • Unload from midday on Wed 31st and post fire cleaning of pots later in the afternoon.
  • Thurs 1st Nov morning, debrief and packing pots
So the entire duration would be, arrival 14th Oct, depart 1st Nov, 2012.

Still time to enroll for this workshop you guys, for Balinese / locals and for expats there is special rate. Contact us at

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