What to prepare?

You are about to take a trip to Bali, Indonesia for Gaya Ceramic Arts Center workshop, and we would love to share you this information and hope this could help you to prepare for your trip...

Below are some suggested items to bring:
Your favorite yoga mat.
Yoga clothes.
Casual and comfortable clothes (the temperature is humid and generally 27- 31°C or 77-88°F).
Beach/pool necessities, including swimsuit and sun screen.
Comfortable footwear (flip-flops, open air shoes, etc. are practical).
Any special medications/treatments you may need.
Class notebook, personal journal, pens.
Non-yoga outfit for casual dinner
Electric adapter (two round pins, 220 volt).
Refillable sports water bottle (not glass).
Alarm clock.

If you forget something, don’t panic - virtually all the items above can be purchased in Ubud. There are also many shops in town that sell yoga clothing, basic mats and other related items.
The Balinese currency is the Indonesian rupiah; the exchange rates are always fluctuating, and the current exchange value can be found at: http://www.klikbca.com/
If you change money in your own country, make it a small amount (US$50 or so) as rates will be better here than abroad. If you change money at the Denpasar airport, be aware the rates there are also poor. A total of 800,000
rupiah should be enough for all of your initial needs, including your transportation from Denpasar to Ubud. Once you arrive in Ubud, we can direct you to establishments with good rates and integrity. ATMs that accept bank cards and credit cards from all over the world are common. Be certain to notify your bank/credit card company that
you will be using your card in Bali (Indonesia). American Express is not widely accepted. If you bring US dollars, be sure they are printed in 2001 or later and in excellent condition. $100 bills get the best exchange rate. Traveler’s Checks can rarely be exchanged for rupiah though with a lower exchange rate, but we won’t suggest you to bring TC.
Rates are approximately:1 US Dollar = 10,000 rupiah

In order to get the most out of the experience, we highly encourage you to minimize your contact with the outside world (work, family, friends). The more you can place emails, phone calls, business, relationships on hold during the month to focus on you and your experience, the richer and greater the benefits.
Mobile Phones:
You can bring your mobile phone to Bali and buy a pre-paid SIM card which allows you to make calls and send and receive text messages. Basic SIM cards typically cost approximately 100,000 rupiah (US$10), the bulk of which is usable credit. US citizens require tri-band phones with GSM capability to be able to make calls in Indonesia.
New, cheap mobile phones can be purchased for around 400,000 rupiah (US$40).

Please be proactive and learn about visa requirements particular to your own home country in advance of actual travel as possible.To enter Indonesia, your passport must have a minimum of 6 months remaining validity from the date of your prospective DEPARTURE FROM Bali.

30-Day Visa-On-Arrival (VOA)
For purposes of the trainings, you are entering as a tourist and can do so with the Visa-On-Arrival, which is
available to most nationalities, and is good for 30 days including your arrival and departure dates.

30-Day Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) with 30-Day Extension (60 Days Max)
If you are attending both the Level I & II courses together, or wish to stay longer than 30 days (new as of January 2010), you can extend your 30-day VOA for another 30 days, good for a total of 60. We can help arrange this for you via an agent in the third week of the Level I training. This cost is approximately US$70 and due at time of extension. You will not need to leave the training or handle any special paperwork.

Social Visa – 60 days to 6 months
This is an easy process you can set up in person or by mail with your local Indonesian consulate/embassy.
Application information and required forms are available from the local embassy website. You cannot obtain this visa in Indonesia and must apply for it before arriving. The Social Visa is good for 60 days and extendable each
month up to 6 months. The visa is valid for social, cultural, and religious visits, which include visiting family/relatives and organizations, and exchange visits between academic, art, or sports institutions.
In addition to your passport, passport photos, the application and fee (information provided on the embassy
website), you’ll need to submit a sponsor letter from an Indonesian National. We are unable to provide a sponsor letter. However, many local agencies in Bali are able to provide these letters for visiting tourists.

These agencies can arrange a letter for a minimal fee.
Bali Mode:

PT Ide Bali
011 62 361 728483

Departing Indonesia
When departing from Indonesia, you will be required to pay officials a 150,000 rupiah (cash) departure tax before
proceeding to your gate. Passengers who overstay any visa period for a short period of time can be processed
immediately at the airport by paying US$ 20 (IDR 200,000/day) upon departure.
Although Jakarta, the national capital, is the gateway airport to Indonesia, there are also many direct flights to
Bali. The only airport in Bali, Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) is also referred to as Denpasar. In addition to direct flights, it may also be worth your time to look for deals that connect through Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hong Kong (to name a few).

Here are just a few airlines that fly to Bali:
•Singapore Airlines
• Qatar Airlines
•Thai Airways
• Cathay Pacific
• JetStar
• AirAsia
• Eva Air
• Garuda Indonesia
• Qantas Airways
• KLM Air

Upon arrival at the International terminal in Denpasar, you will be directed to Immigration officials where you
will queue in either the Visa On Arrival line (and purchase your visa), or the line for visas secured in your own country ahead of time. After clearing immigration, retrieve your bags and then go through Customs. This is usually a very simple process. There are ATMs in the Arrivals Hall and money-changers after Customs.

We can arrange transfers from the airport directly to your accomodation for US$35. If you wish to take advantage of this, at least 2 weeks in advance please send us:
(a) your flight number
(b) departure city
(c) date of arrival
(d) time of arrival
If you choose this option, you will be met by a driver with your name on a sign at the airport exit. If you prefer to arrange your own transportation, you can negotiate your own rates with the many taxi drivers available at the airport exit or use the airport taxi counter with fixed rates. The trip takes approximately 1.5 hours and will give you a glimpse of some of Bali’s towns, temples, and gorgeous landscapes.

Getting There

Ubud is located in the central uplands area of Bali. Visitors typically fly into Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) located on the southern tip of the island. The trip from the airport to Ubud takes 1-1.5 hours by car, depending on traffic conditions.
Getting to Ubud from the airport (and back):  From the airport you can hire an airport taxi at the clearly marked booth just outside the exit doors and to the right. They charge a fixed fee to all locations, and as of January 2013 the listed price to Ubud was Rp. 350,000. This taxi fleet is being gradually upgraded with many new vehicles, and the drivers are reliable (though they may not be familiar with all the smaller hotels around Ubud – check first.)  Metered taxis are not permitted to pick up passengers at the airport, and you will have to walk outside the airport perimeter before one will stop for you – this can be very inconvenient if you have luggage.

Accomodation, here is a list of suggestions from us:

1| Sri Ratih Cottages
Jl. Raya Penestanan
Telp. +62 361 975638

2| d’Omah Hotel Bali
Jl. Penestanan Klod
Sayan, Ubud
Telp +62 361 976622

3| The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa
Penestanan, Sayan, Ubud
Telp. +62 361 972616

4| De Munut Resort
Jalan Penestanan, Ubud
Telp. +62 361 975039

5| Wakanamea
Jl. Penestanan
Telp. +62 361 975719

6| Melati Cottages www.melati-cottages.com/
Jl. Penestanan
Telp. +62 361 974650

7| Y Resort
Jl. Penestanan, Ubud
Telp. +62 361 970866

Workshop address:
Gaya Ceramic Arts Center
Jalan Raya Sayan, Ubud, Indonesia 80571
+62 (0) 361 7966769
E: gayacac@gayaceramic.com

Routine vaccinations should be current; these include tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles-mumps-rubella and varicella. No other vaccines are required to enter Bali. Any additional vaccinations are optional and are left to the individual to decide whether to pursue them. There is no malaria in the main tourist areas of Bali.

Medical Care
In the case of minor illnesses or injuries, there are several international medical clinics that cater to tourists
in the local Ubud area and closer to the airport. These clinics typically do not accept insurance (though you
may be reimbursed through your insurance provider) and are relatively inexpensive. If situations require
extreme medical emergency care, patients are evacuated to Singapore. Due to significant cost evacuation
care, it is advisable to check this coverage is included on your medical plan.

It may be worth to be comprehensively insured to cover all costs and consequences of medical treatment, repatriation, damage/theft/loss of personal belongings, recovery of course fees and flights booked or needed in the event of cancellation or early departure.

Drinking Water 
Bottled water is provided at the hotel/resort. To minimize plastic waste from disposable water bottles, please bring a (non-glass) refillable sports water bottle. Virtually all establishments in Bali use bottled water for drinking purposes.

Here are our suggestions of places to see and things to do, in and around Ubud. Not everything is in here. It’s just some of our favorites. If you would like to inquire more, ask Hillary, Grace or Anamica.
Also, The Sri Ratih is a great resource. The staff there can also help you with bookings.

- Medical Counter (Bintang grocery store)
- Pharmacy / ‘Apotek’ (Peliatan)
- Ubud Clinic
Just up from Campuan Bridge on left
- Prima Medika (Nyuh Kuning)
- Bali Royal Hospital (Denpasar)
Tel: 0361-247499

- Sim cards, cell phones: (Bintang counter--immediately on right before entering turnstiles)
Simpati international access code: 01017
XL international access code: 01000
- Internet Cafes: Starbucks, Kafe, Vespa, etc.
- WiFi (at Gaya CAC studio; all over elsewhere)

Restaurants Penestanan area:
- Vespa Cafe
- Sari Organik
- Made’s Warung
- Kue
- Warung Mendez
- Alami (Japanese & organic farm stand)
- Sovia Warung - Yellow Flower Cafe
- Alchemy (health food grocery) & salad / juice bar

Restaurants Ubud area:
About 150,000+ excluding drinks         About 50,000+ excluding drinks
- Terazzo (Italian/European) - Warung Mina (Indonesia fish)
- Il Giardino (Italian) - Bali Buddha (also small organic health food store)
- Sari Organik  (nice view)                            - Kafe 
- Siam Sally (Thai)         - Kue
- Bridges (Western with a nice view) - Juice Ja
- Café des Artistes                 - Ibu Oka’s (famous Babi Guling) 
Grocery Stores
- Bintang (Jl. Campuhan, just up from bridge away from Ubud)
- Delta Dewata (North of Arjuna Statue)
- Coco’s (Jl. Hanoman)
- Alchemy (health food)(Jl. Penestanan)
- Bali Buddha (health food)(Opposite post office)
- Down to Earth (health food)(Jl. Hanoman--next to Taksu Spa)
- Ubud Market (traditional…5am-9am)

- Taksu Spa  (www.taksuspa.com)
- Yoga Barn (www.theyogabarn.com)
- Radiantly Alive (www.radiantlyalive.com) -up from Bali Buddha
- Intuitive Flow (www.intuitiveflow.com) at Penestanan

- Zen spa (www.zenbalispa.com) Next to Yoga Barn
- Five Elements (www.fivelements.org) 15 minutes from Ubud
- Ubud Bodyworks Centre 
- Kush Ayurvedic Rejuvenation at The Yoga Barn
- Bali Botanica Day Spa
- Ubud Sari Health Resort

GALLERIES & MUSEUMS: There are endless galleries and museums to visit, here are a few:
- Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)
- Blanco Museum
- Museum Neka
- Pranoto’s Art Gallery

COOKING LESSONS: usually start early in the morning to 1pm - 2pm. 
- Casa Luna Cooking School
- Warung Enak Cooking School
- The Paon

Everyday there are about seven performances you can choose from.  The average price of a ticket is Rp 75,000. 
Ask the staff at your hotel.
- Barong Dance/Balinese dance (in front of Ubud Market—main road, next to Lotus Café)
- ARMA hosts many different dances. It's a beautiful setting.
- Kecak Fire & Trance Dance (Pura Taman Kaja)

TEMPLES: in Ubud worth checking out: Pura Dalem, Pura Campuan and Pura Puri

- Threads of Life Gallery (www.threadsoflife.com). Classes: Introducing the Textiles of Bali & Indonesia.  Rp 75.000 per person for minimum 4 people. You can register in advance at Threads of Life. Telp.0361-972187

- Batik Lesson with Ketut Sujana. Located at Jln Raya Lungsiakan (across the Fly Café). Telp.0361-979097

- Nirvana Batik Course. Located at Jln. Gautama, Ubud. Tel. 0361-975415

- Gala Silver in Sukawati Village (Sukawati is a small village 15 min. south of Ubud famous for its jewelry.)
- Chez Monique Jewelry Classes (www.chezmoniquejewelry.com)
- Studio Perak Silversmithing Courses (www.stuidoperak.com). Halfday course (3 hours)
Rp 195,000
Walks around Ubud
- Campuhan Ridge Walk
- Monkey Forest/Nyuh Kuning Walk

Cycling around Ubud
- From Kintamani with Bali Eco Cycling, Telp. 0631- 975557, Mobile: 0813 3742 0420. Price: 
Rp 360,000 

Canyon Tubing 
- Siap River, Payangan, Telp. 0361-720766

- Bird Watching at Penestanan Kelod, Telp. 0361-975009
- Elephant Safari Park
- Taman Safari & Marine Park
- Bali Zoo, Bali Zoo Tree Walks, Bali Zoo Trekking

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